Conversation Reaction Disorder is a mental illness that affects the way you process information from conversations. It’s often characterized by an inability to comprehend spoken words or understand what people are saying. People with this disorder may have trouble identifying the emotions in the voice of others, and they may have trouble understanding sarcasm or joking around. Conversation reaction disorder is a psychological condition that causes you to react in a certain way when someone says something to you. Conversation reaction disorder is a condition that affects the way we interact with others in social situations. It can make us more likely to speak without thinking and say things that hurt other people’s feelings. People who suffer from conversation reaction disorder often feel as though they are not in control of their own actions, or even their own words. They may feel like they are being watched and judged by everyone around them, which makes it hard for them to relax and enjoy the conversation.

The symptoms are:

-You feel like the person who said something is trying to control your life

-You get angry easily, and it feels like it happens all the time

-You feel like you can’t stop talking about what someone said, even if they asked for privacy or don’t want to talk about it anymore. 

-You also have to remind yourself not to say things back or respond to what they said because it will just make them madder!

If you think you might be experiencing conversation reaction disorder, consult a psychologist. You may also benefit from therapy and other forms of treatment that can help you cope with your symptoms and understand them better so that you can take control of them.